Wojciech Musialik               
Wojciech Musialik


The 21st century and the events which took place at its beginning gave me an impulse for developing the company and starting a competitive fight on foreign markets to a good effect. Life has enabled me to brush up against electronics, medicine, energetics, astronautics, mechanics, military technology as well as education.  This influenced the creation of such projects as:

  •  a resuscitation station for newborns;

  •  a clinical incubator for newborns; 

  • a set of in vitro technology apparatuses – a process line for in vitro preparation, cultivation and fertilisation. It is owing to dr Stanisław Horak that the first in the world in vitro quadruplets were born (and my apparatus helped a little as well). Doctor Stanisław Horak is an brilliant man, the great scientist type. I find the possibility of cooperating with this outstanding scientist to be an honour;

  •  an electronic hand – steered by means of external, rudimentary neural impulses of a human being;

  • an electronic larynx. I’ve constructed four types of apparatuses. At the moment, I’m working on two latest versions of electronic larynxes. As usual, this is to surprise the competition and introduce a little revolution;


  • apparatuses for bone marrow freezing and transporting;

  • oxygen capsules for newborns;

  •  needles for unclogging salivary glands;


  •  vibration sensation meter;

  •  a newborn’s apnea monitor;

  •  vibroacoustic foetus stimulator.

 The information can be found below.

What has the 21st century brought us? 

I have begun conceptual work on projects of renewable energy, its flows, accumulation and occurrence in the natural environment. Furthermore, I have developed several projects and produced them:

  • a laryngological stroboscope: oncology diagnostics of larynx and vocal folds cancer; 
  • an esophageal speech amplifier for people after laryngectomy – after larynx removal;
  • a personal alarm for people after laryngectomy 115dB; 
  • nanotechnological personal filters for people after laryngectomy; 
  • a shower protection for people after laryngectomy; 

  • a winter filter for people after laryngectomy; 
  • a summer dust filter for people after laryngectomy; 
  • a meter of oesophagus mouth sphincter pressure used in early detection of oncological disease relapses in patients after laryngectomy. It is my author diagnostic method. I included the description in the publication; 

  • stimulators and apparatuses for removing the lymphatic reaction after radiation therapy; 


  • larynx vibrational stimulators (hyperfunctional dysphonia);
  • preventive toothbrushes in case of tooth neck abrasion.
  • I have developed and produced medical vehicles (mammobuses, medical surgeries, x-ray ambulances, laboratories, mobile hospitals).


Furthermore, I have developed a comprehensive didactic material concerning speech prosthetics and begun conceptual and research work on the use of stem cells in innovative patient therapy. In the future, stem cells may completely change the approach to the old medicine as we know it, whereas damaged organs will be grown upon request.

The information on the above projects is included in my publications as well as in the publications of other authors concerning the use of my constructs.



Publications and media:

1. Stymulator wibroakustyczny płodu

2. Aparat do wizualizacji graficznej ciśnienia przebiegu rozwarcia zwieracza ust przełyku u osób po usunięciu krtani

3. Zastosowanie nowoczesnych fizjoterapeutycznych metod rehabilitacji w leczeniu wybranych postaci dysfonii

4. Voice rehabilitation with the application of massage device "medical 2VR"in patients after total laryngectomy

5. Device for graphic visualization of pressure course in the opening of sphincter of oesophagus mouth in patients after total laryngectomy

6. Wikipedia: Device for graphic visualization of pressure course in the opening of sphincter of oesophagus mouth

7. Voice Prosthetics



The 21st century is the century of a commercial conquer of space. I couldn’t resist this incredibly interesting branch of science, either. Together with my son, a cosmology and astronautics aficionado, we create space logistics and transport technologies.


We focus on the planetary transport and the future organisation of space logistics. We will present a flight control solution not only to the border of the universe; we will have to carry out orbital and parking traffic control on our orbit. The space debris remaining on our orbit is a huge threat and a problem. This is an undertaking, with respect to which we are conducting conceptual work as well.