Wojciech Musialik               
Wojciech Musialik

I’ve been dealing with speech prosthetics since 1988. The difficulties in communicating with patients without larynx led me to construct and, further, produce apparatuses generating voice, namely artificial larynxes. I began my work in this field with developing and patenting an artificial larynx that would enable patients after laryngectomy or with damaged vocal folds to communicate by way of acoustic articulation. At present, I’m cooperating with the International Oncological Institute of Speech, Hearing and Balance Disturbances.

Lymphoma removal devices after radiotherapy

The subsequent years brought about a series of new technologies and devices, both diagnostic and rehabilitation ones. New types of artificial larynxes and devices for removing the lymphatic reaction after radiation therapy were created. Based on the works from the field of laryngology, apparatuses aiding logopedic therapy were developed. The collaborative research with prof. Jarosław Markowski led to the creation of a new diagnostic technique of oncological disease relapses in patients after laryngectomy. Based on the research, a device for graphic visualisation of pressure course in the opening of sphincter of esophagus mouth was developed by me. The description can be found in the below publication.

Visualization of the variable opening pressure of the esophageal sphincter

I also developed antibacterial nanotechnological filters used in patients after laryngectomy protecting them against respiratory tract infections. The filters are based on the colloidal silver and absolute filter technology. The combination of those two techniques allowed for obtaining the best inhaled air sterility results.

A series of apparatuses that aid learning esophageal speech were made. Esophageal and electronic speech amplifiers.


I have developed methods of technical voice rehabilitation in patients after laryngectomy as well as in patients with damaged vocal folds. Together with Jarosław Paluch, MD, PhD, I took part in restoring the voice to a child with vocal folds damaged during an operation in Switzerland.

Device for graphic visualization of pressure course in the opening of sphincter of oesophagus mouth


In the below publications, I present a part of my scientific path and achievements in the field of otolaryngology, speech-language pathology, rehabilitation and speech-language pathology. In the end, it only remains for me to invite patients with voice, speech and balance dysfunctions as well as with other oncological disorders to visit our Institute.


I hope that together we will find an appropriate method of treatment and rehabilitation.