Wojciech Musialik               
Wojciech Musialik


With small steps we are launching the “Atlantis”   programme. The very undertaking is, in principle, to be a civilisational leap and an intellectual and scientific revolution. One of its major elements is education. By reason of the international nature of the undertaking and the language diversity, we called it the Tower of Babel    (The Bible, the Book of Genesis).


 We are launching the project subversively in relation to its original and, in principle, we mixed the languages ourselves. This way,       we limited the possibility of creating obstacles by the people of God.  Other obstacles on the God’s side, we will treat like another intellectual challenge aimed at widening our horizons.  In the first place, our educational goal is linguistic education based on communication in the English language and creating scientific projects on this basis. During the performance of the projects set,   we will conduct education in essential branches of science that are necessary to carry out the task. In the course of the project, the students will learn mathematics, physics, information science and all other areas of knowledge that are necessary for its performance.   The adepts will carry out the project physically on their own by performing the work on appropriate machines. They will familiarise themselves with turning, welding, metalworking, ironwork, moulding, 3D printing, and they will learn how to operate project programmes and many other production elements. The humanities projects will be carried out based on a similar project, however, with the use of elements ascribed to a given undertaking.

Project participants

Gifted, intelligent people, from the age of 3 to without limitations.

The lower limit of age is not critical.

Place of performance

The project will be carried out based on the scientific and didactic facilities all over the world as well as on the schools and enterprises cooperating with us. The coordination centre is located in Tenerife (the Canary Islands).

Performance date 

The main workshops will take place during the summer vacation period. The expected period of the workshops will amount to one month. Nonetheless, for the purpose of maintaining direct contact between the participants, short, weekly workshops will be conducted twice a year. The conceptual work will be carried out through the online educational platform all year long.